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Yoplait and MyBlogSpark are being very kind to my readers again!

They have sent me this great gift pack. It contains a nice thermal bag, color changing spoons and coupons for free Yoplait Whips! They also send a nice set of ice pop makers. They're double flavor ice pop makers, so you can mix and match flavors.

If you scoop one flavor of Yoplait Whips into one section of the ice pop maker, and make the inner one another flavor, you get a nice frozen treat. My favorite is Raspberry Mousse and Chocolate, or Strawberry Mist and Peaches 'N Cream.

Whips is a great treat. They recommend you try it frozen, and it does taste great froze. It's very light, creamy. Chocolate is my favorite so far, but it comes in a variety of flavors, too.

Chocolate Raspberry
Dulce de Leche
Key Lime Pie
Lemon Meringue
Orange Crème
Peaches 'N Cream
Raspberry Mousse
Strawberry Mist

If you'd like to win one of two prize packs from Yoplait, simply leave a comment and an email I can contact you with. Be sure to check that email, as I'll be emailing the winners. Winners are selected via random draw from comments.

So leave a comment! Tell me if you have tried Yoplait Whips! If you have, what's your favorite flavor? If you like other varieties of Yoplait, which ones do you like? Would love to know!

Contest ends September 25th, 2009. Good luck everyone!
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