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Weight loss begins with mathematics and figuring out your own body.

counting calories

Example: In figuring out how I wanted to lose weight, I started counting calories. I used a software program that helped me figure out how many calories were in every little bit of food I took in. (I'll share this software program with you in another chapter.)

I discovered that at a 2,000 calorie diet, which is recommended for weight loss by many programs, that I didn't lose weight at all. I did it for four weeks, a full month. I didn't lose a pound.

This is because the science that worked for 'normal' people didn't work for me.

So I lowered the number of calories I took in. I lowered them to 1,500. Still nothing. Lowered down to 1,200. Still nothing. I finally lowered my calorie count to between 800 to 1,000 calories maximum per day. It was only then that I started showing any sign of weight loss. When I maintained my lower calorie count, I maintained losing weight.

I kept losing weight for weeks. After a few months, I was down from 220 to 180.

This was all thanks to figuring out my own body and understanding how calories worked.

Was I ever hungry? Sure. I had to figure out how many calories were in food, and some days I got to 800 calories and was still hungry.

I had to figure out how to eat so that I wasn't hungry and still keep my calorie count down.

So I started experimenting. I studied the labels on the back of boxes. I didn't pay attention to many other numbers in the beginning. I stuck with the calories. One number was enough to concentrate on.

I discovered which foods had higher calories. Some of the foods I had been eating would have put me at 1,000 in a single meal.

You can figure this out for your own body as well. It starts by figuring out how many calories you actually take in a day, and figuring out your own 'calorie count' that will help you to lose weight.

It starts by writing down what you eat.
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  1. Light474 Says:

    Wow that's really good. I had a doctor who swore by the calorie rule that if you weighed 200 pounds and wanted to weigh 180 pounds that you only have 1,800 calories. I never imagined that it didn't work. I've never tried the calorie method because I just hate to count the calories. I always forget.

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